The best Instagram honeymoon destinations

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Instagram has become more than just a place to upload pictures of cute lattes and you #livingyourbestlife. As well as shouting about our best bits, it is also a major source of lifestyle inspiration, especially when it comes to travel. A places ‘instagrammability’ has now become a major factor for #passportready travellers looking to explore the world and fill their feeds with high def photos and drone shots of the world’s most incredible places. In 2019, the contemporary married couple should definitely consider the best Instagram honeymoon destinations, too.

If you’ve drooled in envy at travel couples bathing in rose filled baths and sharing kisses on mountain tops, we’ve created a short guide to some of the best honeymoon destinations to cater to a wide variety of tastes. Using data collated from Instagram, we created a 14-stop, seven-month itinerary that will take you all around the world and make you the envy of your friends, provided of course, you have the £16,371 to cover the costs of it all! If not, we’ve highlighted four of the best destinations on our list alongside what sort of social engagement you can expect on your trip.


Here are the best Instagram honeymoon destinations


The Gili Islands

Average likes per post: 2608.5

Average comments per post: 45.74

Indonesia is a large archipelago made up of over 12,000 islands, but three top the list for honeymooners and are the most photographed of them all; the Gili’s. The Gili’s are made up of three islands, Gili Memo, Gili Air and Gilli Trawangan – more commonly referred to as Gili T. The largest of the 3, Gili T offers endless opportunities for enviable photos thanks to its colourful sunsets, luxe beach bars, world-class dive sites, clear blue waters and spotless sandy beaches. The average cost of an AirBnb on the magical island is only £46.00 and with everything from seafront bungalows to forest huts to choose from, you’ll be spoilt for choice. If you want to escape the hordes of instagrammers snapping pictures in giant bird nests on the main island of Bali, catch a speed boat from Bali’s coastal town of Sanur and enjoy some time away from the crowds on Gili T.



Average likes per post: 2339.04

Average comments per post: 44.4

Rome is often regarded as one of the most romantic cities in the world. If red roses, fine wine and Michelin Star dishes are your idea of romance, Rome is the perfect location for your honeymoon. The historic city has preserved its most celebrated sites and offers history and art lovers a haven of museums and galleries to enjoy. Spend your day roaming ancient ruins like the Roman Forum and the Baths of Caracalla, whilst enjoying a cold gelato, before settling down for a romantic candlelit dinner by The Colosseum. The average price of accommodation in the city is £48.00, and with almost every major budget airline flying into the city, is relatively affordable. With over 21,500,000 posts tagged, Rome gets some of the most Insta love of any major European city on the Gram.



Average likes per post: 305.9

Average comments per post: 6.8

For the couple who loves adventure, South East Asia has it all; bright green jungles, colourful reefs, intricately designed temples and breath-taking landscapes as far as the eyes can see. With over 400,000 pictures geo-tagged on Instagram, Sa Pa Rice Fields located in the Lao Cai province in North West Vietnam is a tourist hot spot and it’s not difficult to see why. The multi-layered rice fields look almost out of this world and are best enjoyed between June and July when the fields are the most vibrant and green. The nearest major city to the fields is Hanoi, spend a few days enjoying the charismatic metropolitan, before escaping to Sa Pa. Vietnam is one of the cheapest countries in South East Asia to visit and a luxury private Air Bnb can be found for as little as £24.00 a night. In terms of your social engagement, it’s fairly saturated


Santorini -  Instagram honeymoon destinationsSantorini

Average likes per post: 3144.26

Average comments per post: 50.9

If you’re a regular user of Instagram, it is highly likely you would have seen pictures of angelic white buildings, topped with cobalt blue dome-shaped rooftops. That, if you didn’t know, is Santorini, Greece, one of the hottest Instagram honeymoon destinations. Clusters of luxury villas are packed together along a long rocky beachfront that look out into the sea. Away from the stunning ancient ruins of Athens lays a quiet island that offers the glitz and glamour of Monaco without the billionaire price tag, although at, £154.00 per night for your average Air Bnb, it is the priciest destination on our list. With over 4,900,000 pictures snapped at this location on Instagram, join the club and capture your romantic getaway against the stunning scenery of this majestic island.


Anne Malambo, is an influencer specialist at Feel Good Contacts who undertook the research into Instagram hotspots of 2019 finding out how much engagement the top travel destinations receive.

May 3, 2019

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