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How to book stag and hen parties without breaking the bank

Stag and hen parties - men at a bbq

So you’ve booked the wedding, and the first thing on your friends’ minds? The stag and hen parties, obviously.

With a range of budgets, people living in different parts of the country and work/family life making availability an issue, it can be a real headache trying to decide what to do and arrange an event. So at Vows & Venues, we’ve done some of the research for you by checking out unusual stag and hen parties which won’t break the bank…

Camping and glamping​

Glamping is more popular than ever before, with a new survey revealing 10% of holiday park visitors are tent dwellers. For those not into roughing it, a pod or treehouse can offer pretty much the same luxury as a hotel room.

Slaters’ Statement Collection – September Wedding Style

Slaters’ Statement Collection – September Wedding Style

September is often considered a bit of a transition month for style, summer fashion seems a little outdated but it’s not quite time to break out the Autumnal colours yet. So with that in mind, we would recommend that a September groom shifts his focus from colour to pattern.  

Slaters’ statement collection has bold prints at its core, and is the perfect option for those transitional months where you just can’t pick a colour of the season.

The main print we’d recommend for September is a check, Slaters’ collection of checked suits are available in various colours, and range from being super bold, to a little more subtle, so whatever your style, you can make a patterned suit work for you.

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Giving a Best Man Speech?

Here are a few tips from CORONATION STREET writer Ellen Taylor

I've been lucky or unlucky enough to have been a Best Woman four times.  Either because those friends treasure me above all others, or else they don’t but thought 'she's a writer, at least she'll give a good speech'.

Yes, being Best Man or Best Woman is really all about the speech.  It means you are the last person up and everyone expects you to be funny.  You are top billing of a massive show that has probably cost about twenty grand.  Most of the audience don't know that you're a kind, funny, sensitive person with masses of soul, they just think 'oh, it's the Best Man. They'd better be good'.  No pressure!