Wedding Trend alert: Pancake Braids

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Pancake Braids - Get one of SS16’S hottest hair styles with tips and products from the experts at Sally , Yes you heard right....pancaking is hot for 2016 and we are not talking about the delicious kind with maple syrup.  It’s the latest Instagram trend that is the secret to gorgeous, and fuller-looking locks for your wedding day. 

amika headstrong hairspray

Forget eggs, flour or lemon juice. The only ingredients you need to whip up this type of pancake is a hair band, texturising spray, and your hands.

THE GOAL:  A style that is on-trend, requires minimal styling products and adds a touch of high-fashion to a casual look.

GET THE LOOK: The technique works best on fishtail braids but the effect is the same for any braid or knot. Hair pancaking may not be for every style of hair or taste but it works wonders on finer hair as it makes the hair appear more volumised. If you have much thicker or curly hair then a tighter braid works better.  If you want to achieve a more statement look then experiment with clip in extensions for added length and effect.

1. Make sure the hair is washed and dry.  

2. Prep the hair by with a texturising spray such as the amika un.done texture spray (£13.99/€24.99, 232ml).

amika un.done texture spray

 This invisible dry formula uses natural mineral zeolite to build unbelievable volume for full-on glamorous hair. 

3. Make sure the braid is as tight as possible. Once  its secured, starting from the bottom of the  braid; gently pull and stretch the curved edges with your fingers. 

4. If your hair is layered, be careful not to pull too much so your braid doesn’t fall out completely.

5. Secure with a hair band such as the Wildest Dreams Thick Black Bands (£2.50/€3.00) and finish with a holding spray such as the amika headstrong hairspray (£14.99/€24.99).  The Obliphica extract and UV filters guard and maintain hair’s health.  Simply style, spray, stay – repeat!

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