10 most Instagrammed road trip honeymoons

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After the blur of a busy wedding day, there’s something quite idyllic about the idea of exploring the open road with your new spouse – just you two, the miles in front and a good playlist. You can make a road trip anything you want it to be – a bohemian experience with a campervan sleeping under the stars or hiring a car and staying in nice hotel – the choice is yours. However, road trip honeymoons can take a lot of planning, so here’s what you need to know.

Honeymoons to inspire

Thanks to the internet, the amount of resources available for planning a road trip can be overwhelming – think forums, blog posts and tourism boards. If the reading is getting too much, give your brain a break and let it look at photos instead! Instagram is a fantastic tool for planning a road trip, but if you haven’t got the patience to endlessly trawl through hashtags, don’t worry. A new tool has analysed over 47 million #roadtrip hashtags to uncover the world’s greatest road trip destinations, and the USA came out on top as king of the road trip, followed by Australia and Canada. The top 10 most Instagrammed routes can be seen below. If you have a smaller budget, the data found that France was the best country for a road trip in Europe

The Most Instagrammed Road Trip Routes in the World: road trip honeymoons – west coast of the USA

1.    Seattle to San Diego

2.    LA to Las Vegas

3.    Las Vegas to Grand Canyon

4.    San Francisco to Yosemite

5.    NYC to Toronto

6.    Route 66

7.    Melbourne to Brisbane

8.    London to Paris

9.    Icelandic Golden Circle

10.    Milan to Venice 

The route

So, you’ve decided where to go, but now it's down to the practicalities. Sit down and plan your route. If it’s the US you’re heading to, the size of the country can be a shock, so don’t be afraid to forgo the car and fly between cities if you want to maximise your honeymoon time. Make sure your route is a scenic one, or you’ll just be seeing endless grey tarmac for miles – the US has so many beautiful national parks, and Europe is the best for lush green spaces, so you’ll want to enjoy the view as you cruise along.

Tip…beware the overcrowded itinerary

Speak to anyone who’s planned a road trip and their number one top tip will always be to avoid an overcrowded itinerary, especially if you’re flying out immediately after your wedding. A road trip is tiring, particularly when post-wedding fatigue sets in. Pick out some places to spend two nights in, and your body will thank you for it. You’ll never see everything, and the most important thing is to enjoy the experience. 


June 26, 2019

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