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Perfect Skin - The Wedding Countdown…

Calling all brides, bridesmaids and members of the bridal party; if you’re counting down to the big day now is the time to get your skin in tip-top condition!  Forget about the dress, looking great starts with beautiful skin. A glowing complexion will give you confidence and ensures  you look your best on the day, as well as the hundreds of wedding pictures that follow…

Read my tips below to improve your skin in just six weeks.


Six weeks before the big day:

Never delay tackling skin imperfections as some treatments can take a few weeks before their results take effect. Dry skin, stretch-marks, uneven skin-tone and scar tissue are common problems but can be improved with products such as Re-Gen Oil. It contains a special patented ingredient within its formula that improves elasticity, locks in moisture and reduces the appearance of minor imperfections; it also helps prevent premature ageing and blemishes.

Simply massage the oil into the problem areas two or three times a day. For stressed-out faces, use a couple of drops as an overnight treatment and massage into freshly cleansed skin before you go to sleep. It’s also great to use on areas of the body that are often forgotten, such as elbows. This type of preparation will mean a more even glow if you decide to use fake tan before the big day. If you don’t like the oil, Re-Gen have a cream with identical results.

One month to go: 

Exfoliating is essential for wedding prep as it removes the dead and dry skin from your face and body leaving skin noticeably smoother and softer. Without exfoliating, your skin can be left looking dull and lifeless. This puts you at risk of a breakout, which is definitely something you need to avoid when getting ready for your big day. I would recommend exfoliating your face and body at least once a week in the month leading up to the wedding. If you do it too frequently you may end up stripping away some of your skin’s natural oils - it is vital that you keep a good balance.

Two weeks to go: 

Moisturising your skin will ensure it looks great and prevents breakouts and dry patches. For both your face and body use a rich night cream before bed - as the body does its best repair work when you’re asleep! During the day use a lighter cream that contains SPF - a sun burnt face or white strap marks will not look good in your photos!

Use a moisturiser that’s right for your age and skin type - your skin changes dramatically as you get older - it tends to be drier and you may require the added benefit of a serum. However younger skin should avoid products that are too oily and could cause breakouts.

If you’re planning to have a facial, do it now as a deep clean could cause your skin to become patchy or spotty and will need a week or so to settle down afterwards.

Only days to go!

Hydrate! In the last few days increase your water intake and avoid alcohol, caffeine and sugary drinks, this will ensure that your skin is hydrated and looking as good as it possibly can. Avoid greasy or processed foods and opt for fresh fruit and vegetables; vitamin C enriched fruits like strawberries and kiwi provide skin smoothing effects.

On the big day:

Smile! Studies prove that smiling makes you a happier person, so embrace those laughter lines, begin as you mean to go on, and live happily ever after!

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