Don’t lose face on your wedding day!

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This summer many women will have watched the likes of Love Island and TOWIE and been inspired by the perfect pouts and brows galore to try an aesthetic procedure. As these kind of procedures become increasingly mainstream, it’s easy to forget that they are treatments designed to change your face and therefore must be taken seriously! 

So, while a bargain price tag for a procedure may entice you initially, please remember the old adage ‘if something sounds too good to be true… then it probably is!’ Cheaper price tags often mean poor patient care, low quality products and a severe lack of attention to safety policies and procedures, not to mention the cost of any corrective work required after a bad procedure.  

As an example, the average cost of training and equipment for semi-permanent make-up(SPMU) technicians with a reputable company is £15,000 before they’ve even placed a needle on a paying customer. So how can someone with this great training offer you incredible new semi-permanent eyebrows for £90 or even less? In short – they quite simply can’t!

As a Safety in Beauty campaigner, and former paediatric nurse, it is my professional responsibility to help clients select the right treatment for them in a safe environment. So here are some of my top tips to protect yourself if you decide you’d like a procedure:

Ask questions - Aesthetic procedures are going to alter the way you look and you are spending your hard earned money on them, so never ever be afraid to ask whatever you feel you need to. If you don’t understand an answer then ask again until you are confident you have all the information you need. A reputable practitioner will be reassured that you are asking questions about them and any excuse to show off our extensive training is fine by us! You should also feel confident asking to see a portfolio of work, so you are sure this is the practitioner that can meet your expectations.

Go for a consultation -  This gives you the opportunity to actually meet the person who will be doing your procedure face to face and assess whether they’re the right fit for you. It also gives you a chance to look at their environment. Is it clean and professional looking? You should spot a medical waste and sharps bin, for example. Trust your gut instinct and if you feel uncomfortable then walk away! We offer free, no obligation consultations to all clients at The Mint Clinic. 

Ignore voucher deals! -  Voucher websites are great for afternoon tea, holidays, spa trips or even zorbing… but I believe that when it comes to aesthetics alarm bells should be ringing. An aesthetic treatment is not a decision to takelightly – you need to have a full consultation to even know if the treatment is appropriate for you, so buying a voucher for a new set of lips is certainly not a sensible plan of action!

Do your research - You can look up information about medical practitioners on the relevant governing body websites – NMC for nurses, GDC for dentists and the GMC for doctors. By doing this you can check accreditations and experience to reassure you that the practitioner has the experience they have claimed. 

Of course it’s important to remind you that for every bad practitioner out there, there are thousands of fantastic ones who take their work seriously and always put your safety first. So take a little time to do your homework instead of losing face (literally) in the long run. The right professional and the right treatment are worth the time and money you will have spent as you should be thrilled with the results!

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Copy by Naomi Nissen, co-founder of The Mint Clinic.

Naomi is extensively trained in facial aesthetics including chemical peels, derma roller, dermal filler and anti-wrinkle injection treatments. Specialising in corrective work for dermal fillers, Naomi is passionate about was nominated in the Nurse of the Year awards in the 2016 Safety In Beauty Diamond Awards.


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